Where is YOUR BADGE STATEMENT located? 

We are a South African based ecommerce business, with our offices based in Seapoint, Cape Town.

Where can YOUR BADGE STATEMENT be found?

We currently stock our urban shoppers on a number of online platforms.  Curated.Africa ships internationally.  As we grow our list of stockists, we will include, update and share.

Is YOUR BADGE STATEMENT an established brand?

YOUR BADGE STATEMENT was established in 2018 + led by a local designer who is no stranger to bags and sustainability. She is recognised for having made an impact with her previous label and range of upcycled bags made from repurposed materials that continue to be recycled amongst her loyal followers two decades later and remain collectable pieces. 

How is YOUR BADGE STATEMENT “routed firmly in sustainability?"

The core focus of our sustainability efforts is driven around rethinking the use of what is already "out there" to create. We choose to repurpose materials, sourced at the end of their lifespan for reuse + produce our bags locally in our quest to reduce our carbon footprint , ensuring products around us are kept in our economy longer and don't end up as waste. The fundamental basics of recycling are used as the underlying principles to reduce the impact each bag and the materials used to produce our reusable shoppers has on the environment. We are always looking for the most ecological option when sourcing materials, trying our best to use locally produced, low mileage materials that are innovative, recyclable or can be repurposed or upcycled. Our packaging is made from recycled materials and our Cape Town based printer has been an accredited carbon neutral printer since 2012.

What materials are used to make your reusable urban shoppers?

Our reusable urban shoppers are made using a locally produced recyclable HDPE decorative shade cloth, repurposed for reuse; upcycled dead-stock fabrics and naturally eco-friendly fabrics. All materials sourced are used with the intention of extending their lifespans in the creation of one of our statement-making "bag for life" urban shoppers. You can expect subtle variances across our collections that enhance the individuality of every bag.

What is recyclable HDPE shade cloth?

Traditionally used for tension structures this locally produced knitted high density polyethylene decorative shade cloth has been selected because of its strength, fade-resistant colours and recyclability.

Is HDPE a plastic?

HDPE is a recyclable plastic polymer, identified by the number 2. The recycling of HDPE is aided by this resin code which is used to separate plastics at the recycling state. 

How is YOUR BADGE STATEMENT committed to tackling the plastic waste pollution if a plastic material is being used?

Sadly due to the throw-away culture in which we live today, plastic once developed to be useful is now a major contributing factor to the state of our planet. As a small business routed in the sustainability of our environment + the lives of the people behind what we do, careful consideration has been given to our choice in selecting this specific plastic "waste" as although one of the easiest polymers to recycle, HDPE is a non-biodegradable material traditionally made using non-renewable resources, making it imperative that products produced in this material are recycled or repurposed for reuse to minimize its impact on the environment.  

What is dead-stock fabric?

Pre-existing fabrics that are either discontinued, leftover from an order, or fabric that has reached the end of its lifecycle that would otherwise go to waste.

Some of your reusable urban shoppers are noted as being limited or seasonal?

Due to the materials used and the nature by which these materials are sourced, we can often only produce a limited number of bags in a specific fabric, relevant to that season. We are always on the look-out for new materials to be repurposed or upcycled to deliver exciting freshness which will be shared on our social pages and included on the site.

How are your shoppers ethically made?

Our bags are produced locally by a small team of skilled individuals with a renewed purpose after having had their lives impacted by the decline of the local manufacturing industry over the past two decades. Our production runs are small, with the utmost pride put into the making of every bag. We ensure fair wages are paid to our skilled machinists and work with a handful of preferred suppliers whose contribution to conscious consumption is credible.

It says the colour of the physical product may vary slightly?

It can be difficult to display colours 100% accurately in photographs with the possibility of some products varying slightly from the image shown on our website. Some images are shown for representation only.