Passionate about what we do, the world we live in + the lives of the people behind what we do, our aim is to deliver a bold statement in support of a clean environment through our environmentally conscious solution-driven + ethically responsible ethos aimed at highlighting the importance of good bag habits.

The fundamental basics of recycling are used as the underlying principles behind our design ethos with our sustainability efforts driven around rethinking the use of locally produced + low mileage deadstock materials already in existence over the production of any new materials used to create our collection of urban shoppers. 

Focusing on a South African made HDPE decorative shade cloth + selecting it because of its strength, durability + innovative design we are able to deliver bold designs that have longevity, can be easily wiped clean + most importantly, can be recycled at end of life.  

Careful consideration has been given to our choice in selecting this specific plastic “waste” as although one of the easiest polymers to recycle, HDPE is a non-biodegradable material traditionally made using non-renewable resources, making it imperative that products produced in this material are recycled or repurposed for reuse to minimize its impact on the environment.

As we grow, so will our ability to fully realize a circular mindset to ensure our bags forever remain a source of valuable resources for new products when they can no longer be used.

A Solution-Driven Ethos Making A Bold Statement