A Modern ICON

A single silhouette born from the shape of the "shunned by shoppers" + "hated by environmentalists" plastic bag used to deliver a meaningful message through a solution-driven environmentally conscious ethos.

"We've taken the world's most widely used shopping bag shape, reimagined it for reuse using fabrications relevant to the global crisis, REPURPOSED FOR REUSE + have introducing our design as the Urban Shopper, a modern icon, fit for right here right now".

Materials used are repurposed for reuse with the intention of extending their lifespans before they end up as waste + have been selected because they exist + are recyclable.

Through our solution based ethos + directional style driving a single iconic silhouette reimagained for reuse, our upcycled shoppers drive both sustainability + fashionability for the fiercely conscious who resonate with an ethos + an aesthetic making a bold STATEMENT.

UNTRASH the bag