Cape Town based YOUR BADGE STATEMENT was established in 2018 in a call to an environment placed in desperate need by a world of consumerism, its excessive trash generation + mass waste disposal. 

Knowing how important the reduction of our waste is to the immediate health of our environment, our solution-driven ethos to tackling the plastic waste pollution impacting our lives combines an analytic approach to rethinking the reuse of materials already in existence with a passion for bag design sustainability + an ability to create.

Driving a single iconic silhouette born from the world's most widely used shopping bag shape reimagined for reuse + made using repurposed deadstock materials before they end up as waste, we have focused on a South African made HDPE product already in existence to create our collection of upcycled urban shoppers delivering a bold solution-driven statement in support of a clean environment.

A South African Born Brand Delivering A Bold Statement